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We ship vinyl decals to CANADA or USA! Celebrating 17 YEARS ONLINE! Order Your graphics and we'll send them today. Pics of creations posted to our Facebook page daily.

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1-16-09 New customers rides for 2009.
11-17-08 I added 14 cool new family stick figure designs to the family stickers page. Create yours now.
11-16-08 added about 3 thousands new graphics to the main decal catalog. Good stuff...Clowns, Skulls, Tribal butterflies, and more!
9-28-08 9 NEW customers rides pictures. Check em out!

34 new family stick figure members for your family stickers!!

Check em out...

9-24-08 2 new colors! Fire Red Ultra Metallic and Blue Ultra Metallic. These are more special colors so they are more expensive.

I added 2,479 graphics to the main decal catalog for a total of 13,963 graphics.

Not just fillers either. We're talking awesome mascots, clowns, skull, dogs, animals, tribal butterflies, and a whole lot more.

Its easy to find what you need. I simplified the search catagories on the side rows.

I also slightly increased the regular default size for the decals (although you can choose any size you want anyways)

8-12-08 I added 57 new members to the family sticker maker!
  • A completely new decal order page.
  • easier to navigate the main decals catalog.
  • 5 new fonts for the family decals.
  • 10 new vinyl colors.
  • removed the t-shirts. see the links section for shirts.
3-31-08 I finally added the new customers rides. Check em out!
2-18-08 I added over 3,000 new graphics the the main decal catalog. 11,848 in total.
1-10-08 I added 213 new graphics to the main decal catalog. Includes all US States and state outlines.

Happy New Year!

I added some customers rides

12-13-07 Happy Holidays!
10-05-07 Hi to all. I added 1,194 new graphics to the Main Decals Catalog. Check em out. Once inside the main decals catalog click on the "More Search Categories" Dropdown menu to see whats new!

A Whole NEW LOOK!!

Many new additions to the site. Several vehicle graphic categories added. Several new customers rides. Also 500 FREE High resolution Desktop wallpapers.

Fall is Here!!



Order your custom names, Windshield banners, custom text decals!

Check it out. Preview text in any style and order your stickers NOW!!


Coming Very Soon: Text, Names, Decals.

The local store will be closed Sat Aug 11, 2007. We have a family matter to attend. Sorry for the inconvience.



Lot's of cool changes to the site!

Get a shirt or decal...QUICK. Super fast shipping!

Or order your own - custom made on the site - FAMILY STICKER!


Completely revamped main decals section. Even more coming real soon!

Also fixed a few bugs on the new family stickers page.

I added 1 new car team to the car teams section.

6-30-07 I added 2 new customers rides.
6-29-07 Updated family decal page. You can now custom create and order your family stickeronline!
5-24-07 Added X-Rated Offroad to car and truck teams.

Hi, I added some new designs to the decals section. Theres alot of new misc items that decals can be made from.

Maybe you notice the site has a new feel as well. I figured some fresh color changes and new visual effects would be cool. And as always suggestions are very welcome.


Hi, I added some new customers rides and updated the look and feel also.

Also new search and list for the main decals catalog. Also upadated the misc sports section.

4-26-70 Need some custom drawn artwork. Joe Mendi is one of the best artists in the country. Check out Joe's New website at
4-18-07 Hi, I added about 25 cool new full color designs to the add to cart site. Check em out!


My wife gave birth to a baby girl on Monday. A new addition to our family. Maybe we should change the business name to tresgueros now??

To local customers: Sorry for any delays this week. It has been hectic.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The local store will be closed this Saturday, Mar 31 and next Saturday, Apr 7. Sorry for the inconvience. My kids have a karate tournament and we will be out of town. All web orders will be uninterupted.

I also added several new customers rides.


Hi, I added 1 new customer ride and changed the graphic of the month. The graphic of the month basically show how any idea can be drawn up - no matter HOW crazy it is!

Dont' forget if you can't find something on the site please ask. There is a large decal section which is where most people who come here want to go.

3-08-07 a..s.leep... Just had to add this new customer ride. Good night!!
3-04-07 I added 3 new customers rides. Also added graffity lettering styles pages.
2-28-07 Hi!!!!!! I upadted the main graphics catalog. Also there is a way improved search there too! Check it out!!
2-07-07 Hello! I added 2 new pages of sporty lettering to the lettering styles pages. Pages 3 and 4 are new. These styles work great for car and truck teams decals.
1-31-07 Hi, I added a Cool links section. These are good people I personally met and recommend doing business with.
1-25-07 Hi, 2 new rides in Customer Rides.
1-18-07 New Assorted Designs 1 and Assorted Designs 2 in the vehicle graphics section. Theres over 1000 designs in these two categories that can be used not only for vehicle graphics but just about anything you might need a decal for. What are decals?
1-17-07 New FLAMES and TRIBAL designs. Check em out.

NEW ADD TO CART COOL DECALS!!! Hi, I added an extension to the site. Check it out. Cool, unique decals that can be purchased via shopping cart.


Added a new graphic of the month. Check it out. I think you'll get a kick out of it!

1-07-07 Hi, I added Joe's email to the custom art page. Feel free to email joe about any questions regarding a custom drawing. AND... I added 2 new teams to the car teams page.
12-30-06 Goodbye 2006!! Great year. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Thanks again to all my customers!!!

Merry Christmas to all! Just to let everyone know - We will be closed from Thursday December 21 and reopen as normal on Thursday December 28th. Last shipping days for any order is on Wednesday. All payment must be made before 10 am Wednesday morning on the 20th. We will ship orders paid after that day when we reopen on Thursday December 28th.


11-15-06 Hi, I added a Car and Truck Club section. These are all the teams we make decals for. We can add your team too. Sorry if I forgot you, I will try to add a few everyweek. I also updated the customers rides section.
10-31-06 Happy Halloween!!
9-07-06 New graphic of the month added for September! You gotta see this one. Artist Joe Mendi for hire.
9-06-06 Hi to all. I added a couple of new pages to the site. Wholesale decals page and logo vectorizing service. These services aren't new as I've offered them for a long time now. Just now they are on the website. If anyone needs any help with anything or just has a question (as simple as it may be) please don't hesitate to ask.
9-04-06 Whew!...Another summer almost over. That makes 7 hot summers I've been in business. I want to say thanks to all my customers. You are all great!!
7-27-06 New collections in the main decals section. Asian Symbols and Zodiac & Astrology. Plus I updated the graphic of the month for August 2006.
7-26-06 Hi, I added some instructional videos to the application instructions page. Easy to follow.
7-22-06 I added Eagle Flames Clipart to the Decals Section and removed the old free wallpaper and put a fresh set. Check em out! C-ya.
7-18-06 I added a small Sports. Misc page to the decals section.
7-17-06 I added 2000 graphics to the main catalog of decals. Plus the pictures are now more clear. Check it out!
7-15-06 I added a F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Sections to the site.
6-11-06 New Graphic of the month for June. Artwork by Joe Mendi Also I reworked the about us page. It sure was a hot day today.
06-10-06 NEW LOCATION. we Moved from 5613 Dyer Street to 4514 Montana Ave. El Paso, TX 79903. Store Hours Remain the same.

Hello again. I put the guest book back. Please feel free to sign it. I also added the new graphic of the month. I'm gonna add a few more lettering styles pages tonight or tomarrow. Cya!

01-06-06 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Too All. Hope Your Holidays were great!!! I had to close the guestbook for a while to see if the spammers will go away.
09-24-05 Whew!!. Made it through another summer. I updated the store hours for saturday. We will be in the shop from 10am till 3pm.
09-02-05 I updated some info about when we can make t-shirts. If interested in getting a t-shirt made please see T-shirts page. Thankyou.
07-22-05 I added a new page describing windshield banner decals. Also for your enjoyment I added a free wallpaper page. Check it out!
07-21-05 Hi Again to all. Thanks to those who signed the questbook. I added the new graphic of the month for July. Yea, I know it's late but better late than never.
07-20-05 Man what a hot summer here in El Paso. I think everyday is 100 or more degrees. I added the weather moniter here on the news page. Also, I added a new ride and My ride to the customer rides section. Be sure and check em' out. Comment and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact me or just sign the guestbook. Thanks again!!
06-01-05 June already!! Ready for a hot summer here in El Paso. I added some customer pics to the customers rides section. Please feel free to submit your own ride or creation via email.
05-20-05 Hi again. Did some site maintenance. You should notice a few changes along with some added pictures here and there. Mainly I added a full color prints page. This page gives information about large format printing and color decals. As always Feel free to sumbit you ride if you get some graphics.
04-09-05 I'm Back. I added some lettering syles to the site. They are in catagories. These are some of the best fonts available. Please be specific if ordering online as to which style you want.
03-09-05 Back again. I did some more work on the whole site. Added a pay option for just about everything. Using paypal you can pay for an order. The steps are listed on the pay page I also added an available colors page. Many colors to choose from. Be sure to read all the details. Coming soon : Font styles page. Added 2 new Rides To The Customers Ride Section as well.
03-06-05 Hello everyone. I added alot of graphics to the decals page. Also I updated the about us page and did some overall maintenence on the site. Check it out to see whats new. Payment with credit card using paypal coming in a day or two.
03-03-05 Added 2 new Rides To The Customers Ride Section. New graphics on the website coming soon.
02-24-05 Added a New Ride To The Customers Ride Section.
02-04-05 Added 2 new Rides To The Customers Ride Section.
01-10-05 Added a New Ride To The Customers Ride Section.
01-05-05 Added Joe's Custom art.
12-15-04 Now taking credit cards online using paypal for clipart cd roms. Also added a new race car to the customers ride section.
11-26-04 Added a New Ride to the Customers Ride section. Also changing to a new GrafxDosGueros logo.
11-25-04 Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving. Added a new customers ride to the customers ride section.
11-23-04 Getting Ready fhe Thanksgiving holiday. Be sure to check out the new store hours. These hours will be in effect untill January 2, 2005. Then we will be open again everyday. Online ordering by credit card coming soon!
11-22-04 Site Updated. New clipart catalog for Attitude Graphics . Also added this news section. Will keep you posted with new services and products as they become available.
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