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About vinyl car stickers
We ship vinyl decals to CANADA or USA! Celebrating 17 YEARS ONLINE! Order Your graphics and we'll send them today. Pics of creations posted to our Facebook page daily.
What are vinyl car stickers?

Niel holding a glass with a family sticker on it.

Notice Niel holding clear glass with a white family car sticker. The vinyl car stickers have no background (except for the full color ones). The vinyl car stickers will show up even better on tinted windows, as this gives it a dark background.

Vinyl car stickers are outdoor durable stickers with no background. This means it would not be a good idea to buy a black sticker for a tinted window as it would not show up. It would be alot better to buy a white or lighter colored sticker. They are cut on a machine and come in one color of your choice. Multi-colored stickers they are two single colored stickers on top of each other. All vinyl car stickers are made for the outside. They do not go on the inside of a window. Vinyl car stickers are usually outdoor durable for 3 to 5 years. A vinyl car sticker applied to the hood of a vehicle will not last as long as a sticker applied to the side of a car due to the amount of direct sunlight it will recieve.

Vinyl car stickers can be applied to alot of surfaces. They are great for most smooth surfaces including : the side of a car (vehicle graphics), windows, notebooks, cell phones, bedroom walls, banners, signs, plastic parts for atv's, semi trucks #'s, and lots more.

Example of Truck with vinyl car stickers

No, There not only for cars, you caqn actually use them for many uses:

Mailboxes, Signs, Notebooks, Walls, Glass doors, etc...

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