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Logo Vectorizing Service
In our 20th year in business, we proudly serve your vinyl graphic and decal needs!
logo vectorizing
We can vectorize that logo for you. Do you have a poor quality logo that you need cleaned up? We can do it. We can also create a logo for you. Submit your logo via email in a bitmap or jpeg form and we will clean it up and send it back to you in several formats including .eps, .ai, .cmx, and a cleaned up high resolution .jpeg file. We charge based on time to clean up and vectorize the design. The minimum charge is $20 and up. Most designs take a day or 2 to vectorize. See examples below.

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These are sample designs. Send a bitmap image and have it turned into a vector image.Based on what the customer needed the appropriate changes were made.

vector before vector after
This customer needed a small one color design from a bitmap. vector before vector after

Pricing based on complexity and time needed to design the graphic in vector format.Once created the colors can easily be changed. The design can also be resized to any size without distortion or quality loss.

vector before vector after
From a patch to a one color vector. Used for decals. Other uses of vector copies include t-shirts, screen printing, hats, embroidery, and more. vector before vector after
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