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Wrinkled - Crumbled - Smashed
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Bent Decal

1000 Miles and back...Follow along as we install a decal thats traveled through the postal system and got quite mangled and bent up on it's travels.

We will use a family decal for this demonstration Tape Decal to surface as shown
1. All Is not lost if your decal gets bent. These decals are very durable. 2. This decal traveled a 1000 miles and back . The postman sometimes ignores the "Do Not Bend" sticker on the package.
Lift and cut the wax paper Ready to apply the first side
3. I'll fold it up a little more and step on it a few times. 4. Pretty wrinkled up. Let's install it now. I'll be using the exact positioning method as described in more detail on the application instructions page.
Squeegee the first side on Lift the second side of the sticker
5. I'll first lay it down and squeegee out some of the wrinkles and bubles in the application tape. 6. I prefer the exact positioning method so I'll tape it on three sides and prepare to apply the first side.
Peel wax paper from second side Squeegee on the second side
7. Lift up the untaped side and cut off the wax paper below it. 8. With firm pressure apply the first side from the center out with a squeegee.
VERY slowly peel application tape wow! That a great looking family sticker!
9. Then, lift up and remove the wax paper from the other side and apply it in the same manner. Use firm pressure and squeegee on.

10 . Then slowly peel off the application tape to reveal the decal.

The method used here is described in more detail on the instructions page.

Fixed Decal

backThis totally wrinked and crumbled decal installed 100% perfect. Apply removing the application tape I popped any remaining bubbles with a needle and pushed out the air. If you get any small wrinkles then a heat gun would usually be able to remove them.

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